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JOHNNY HARPER & CARNIVAL is the 21st-century incarnation of the band Johnny has been leading for 40 years! – under this name since 2001, and earlier under the name Hot Links.  The group is seen here in its full 8-piece form, but also performs in smaller versions of 4 to 6 members.  The Carnival band purveys a joyous and powerful mix of Johnny’s original songs, upbeat New Orleans R&B, the music of The Band, and other American-roots styles.  This group will return to the stage after the pandemic passes!


SHOWN HERE:  A 2017 live performance of Johnny’s song “Nothin’ but a Party.” 
SEE Audio & Video for lots more songs.

JOHNNY HARPER    lead vocals, guitar 

JOHN R. BURR    piano, organ    

JESSE STRAUSS    bass                   

RICK ALEGRIA    drums               

JIM PETERSON    saxophone        

DAVE SCOTT    trumpet        

     SHIRLEY DAVIS     backing vocals        

MAUREEN SMITH    backing vocals       

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